Wednesday, July 17, 2013

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 13: layers or stacks

I don't like paper napkins, and always use cloth
ones, even when it's just me eating Lean Cuisine in
front of the tube.  I have to confess, however,
that these were all "borrowed" from one or another
of my fave restaurants in France and Italy.
(American restaurants that use cloth napkins are
usually smart enough to have boring white ones.)
P.S.  I do round up the bill by several euros—or just ask.

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  1. I had a friend with a penchant for ashtrays. She didn't smoke, she just loved the variety. Little did we know 25+ years later smoking would be so out of vogue her collection would be vintage!

    Your napkins are lovely. I prefer clothe one, too but my husband likes paper so we each have our own supply.

  2. Great napkins. I am so jealous.

  3. What a great collection! You have folded and layered them so beautifully.

  4. That is so the variety! I prefer cloth napkind as well with different rings for each family member.

  5. I used to take wine glasses. Never thought of taking napkins. Your collection is quite impressive. I love their colours.