Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Recently passed by Ralph Lauren's huge store at
Madison and 72nd. Didn't go in (mainly because
 there's nothing in there I can afford)—but I
definitely enjoyed the window shopping! 

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  1. Window shopping can be a great means of passing time. This shop window would definitely catch one's attention. Terrific capture of the reflection.

  2. Love your reflections and boy do I have memories of coca-cola in NYC

  3. great shot...lots of reflections going on!

  4. Just discovered you from Weekend Reflections! As a Philly resident, fun to see NYC thru your eyes! New follower!

  5. I like the reflection of the ubiquitous yellow cab. But truth told you have me really curious about what other artifacts Ralph Lauren decided to put in his window. The old Coke machine is a find all by itself.