Saturday, May 1, 2010

Manhattan Bridge

Another addition to Louis La Vache's
Bridges meme. I've recently shown a
version of this view on my other blog:
Seen from the Brooklyn Bridge, the
Empire State Building is framed by the
upper part of the bridge. And if you go
down on the street (in DUMBO—Down
Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass),
the framing is slightly different but no
less spectacular.


  1. Fantastic, Alexa!

    «Louis» has linked it!

    Pour le 1er Mai, «Louis» vous donne un bouquet de Muguet.

  2. I can only echo Louis' "fantastic". You're making me CRAVE for NYC! Happy Sunday Bridge (mine is from Paris and not so well known!)

  3. An afterthought: that photo would deserve being larger!

  4. NYC has great bridges. I really like your view on this one. That framework is spectacular.

    And I agree with Ciel. Show us more next time. :)

  5. The best looking bridge in N.Y., in my humble opinion.

  6. Now that is a beautiful bridge!