Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pont Louis Philippe

I'm sure Louis la Vache recognizes
this one from his time in Paris—
especially if he ever made the climb
up to the top of Notre Dame. (This
old photo dates back to when we
all used film.)

[See more bridges, or play along yourself,
chez Louis La Vache.]


  1. fabulous view. i didn't know one can climb up to the top of Notre Dame.:p

  2. That must of been some climb! Beautiful shot of the bridge across the river :D

  3. This is a nice view on the bridge and city scene.

  4. «Louis» does indeed recognize this bridge! He "hoofed" over it many times when he lived in Paris! (But he never made the climb to the top of the tower at Nôtre Dame...) Your view here of those Paris toits makes «Louis» wish he were back in Paris!

  5. How nice of the City of Paris to name a bridge for our dear patron "Louis" -:)

  6. What really amazes me is that this scene hasn't changed much since you took this photo.