Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Initial/Impression

I knew exactly what I wanted to do here—
and I had the tools (i.e., initials) I needed;
the hard part was finding some pristine
sand that didn't have 10 or 12 small
children playing in it. Luckily, I spent the
weekend near the water and discovered a
beautiful private beach behind a house
under construction.

[See how others interpreted this challenge here.]


  1. Very good! «Louis», since childhood, has been interested in the shapes of letters, perhaps because he spent time in the print shops of two of his uncles. Type was still set in those days - nothing digital!

  2. This came out great Alexa! BTW, I like your "about me" statement, you could be talking about me too :-)

  3. aaaaaaa for Awesome! Quite a different idea than what I had in mind when I first read this week's challenge.
    This is literally an initial the sand, which reminds me of my favorite place to be...the beach.
    Well done!

  4. Great. I initially had the idea of finding some kid's initials in a sidewalk, or perhaps a red wax seal with an initial impressed on it, but I think I like the beach better.