Wednesday, April 24, 2013

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 1: Conversation

Some people think that NYC is an impersonal place;
not true.  In fact, you never need to be lonely here.
This young man parked himself in Times Square
and just invited anyone and everyone to have
a conversation with him.  (No, I didn't; I was in a
hurry to meet a friend. But I'm sure lots of folks did.)

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play along yourself, visit Bella's meme.]


  1. :) I like this. Not sure I would have gone up.....but would have been interesting I'm sure.

  2. Such a cool idea! I probably would not have spoken to him, but I like his spirit!

  3. that's awesome...conversation what a great idea!!

  4. I love the photo! My curiosity might have gotten the best of me, I probably would have had to talk to him, just to see what was going on with him! How interesting!

  5. That cracks me up. My husband always told me I must wear such a sign on my forehead, since so many people talk to me, so to see a young man with an actual sign was funny. What a great capture.

  6. What a terrific idea, perhaps all part of an experiment to see how many people would speak and how many would pass silently.

  7. How perfect is this for the "conversation" theme... a guy inviting it. I would talk to him for sure. Great capture.

  8. That's funny. I might have gone up to talk with him for grins.

  9. What a great idea - and so fitting for this prompt! Thank you for sharing, Alexa! (Loving your new blog colors).