Wednesday, April 3, 2013

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 50—tangerine

I lost both of my cats last year, but I still
get to spend quality time with my cousin's kitty,
Frank, the world's most affectionate guy.
He started life as a barn cat, but charmed his way
onto the porch, then into the kitchen—and
now has his pick of any bed in the house!

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  1. Hello beautiful. I miss my cats. Nice picture Alexa.

  2. Beautiful picture of an obviously charming cat. I wouldn't have left him in the barn, too!

  3. He is a beautiful cat ( i love ginger cats!!) and you have captured the expression of his eyes and the detail of his fur so well. He is actually looking straight into the camera too!!

  4. What a handsome cat and I can imagine that he has conquered your hearts!

  5. I'm so sorry. We lost one a few months ago, many over the years. It is so hard. This kitty you are showing us reminds me of our Ginger, she was a precious soul.

  6. perfect portrait of an adorable cat!

  7. Frank is gorgeous! Perhaps you will soon get another cat of your own?

  8. Oh, what a darling. I'm so sorry about your kitties. Hold on to the memories, love.
    Thank you for sharing.