Wednesday, August 8, 2012

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 16:  gift

When I began blogging four years ago,
I never realized how many friends I would
make—and I've been fortunate to meet quite
a few of them actually and not just virtually.
The light-up addition to my Eiffel Tower collection
was a gift from my good blogpal Marylène, whom
I got to spend time with last year when I was in Paris.
Merci encore, Marylène!

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to play along yourself, visit Bella's meme.]


  1. What a fun collection!

  2. Oh I love you Eiffel Tower collection! Paris is my favorite city besides my hometown. :)

  3. can't say enough wonderful things about your collection - great photo

  4. what a great collection! there's something magical about the eiffel tower {and paris!}.

  5. Oh, I love your collection! I just recently met one of my long-time blogger friends in person! It was so much fun. I hope to meet more in the future....

  6. I love this collection :) :)

  7. great collection. isn't the internet grand? we meet so many people its amazing

  8. Beautiful! Blogging has brought me many gifts too :)