Wednesday, June 18, 2014

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 7: powder blue

I'm borrowing this photo from my peripatetic
daughter Kate, who just spent two weeks 

in Alaska.  In theory, I guess the sky should be 
"sky blue," but when I saw this photo, I thought,
 "There's your powder blue."  BTW, that snow-capped
peak at the far right?  That's Mt. McKinley.

{Thanks for letting me "borrow" your beautiful image, Katie!}

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  1. Oh, I was just there!! Didn't think of these photos, that fish was just too perfect.

  2. Love those snow-capped peaks and the powder-blue sky. I agree with you. I think of "sky blue" as deeper :).

    One day I will make it to Alaska. Very generous of your daughter to let you use her picture.