Wednesday, October 16, 2013

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 26:
The first thing I see in the morning

When my kids and I first moved here, I gave
them the master bedroom to share and took this
much smaller room.   Even though I've now
moved into the master, I still like to sleep in my
old room sometimes—and when I do, this is
what I wake up to.  (At least when I don't have to get
up while it's still dark out, and if the weather cooperates.)

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  1. Awesome capture! Love!

  2. I love this image. It too reminds me of being a child and staying at my Grandparents house as Grandad always insisted the window was left open

  3. Beautiful shot! And what a nice scene to wake up to.

  4. a peaceful morning this shot!!!!

  5. Such a beautiful capture. LOVE!