Wednesday, March 27, 2013

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 49: layers

I was thinking about this "assignment" while I was
cooking dinner—mainly about the layers of my own
history represented by the books in every room
and the clothes in several different sizes in my closets.
Then I looked at an onion and decided to take it literally.

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  1. :-) fantastic interpretation ... great photograph too!

  2. wonderful...all the layers you've considered, and this one captured here!

  3. Isn't it interesting what thoughts we have with the prompts? Love your onion photo. Just a little layer revealed, and knowing the nature of onions, knowing how many more layers there are to yet be revealed. Even the literal can have layers of meaning!

  4. I can never see layers of onions without thinking of Shriek.

  5. Lovely.

    I agree with girlunwinding, I was just going to make a comment about ogres.