Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Bridges

As seen from the very tippy-top of Notre Dame's south
tower, here are the Pont de la Tournelle and the Pont de
Sully just beyond. (For a "hat trick +1," the Austerlitz and
Charles de Gaulle bridges are just visible in the distance.)
[You'll find more Sunday Bridges here, chez Louis la Vache.]


  1. Alexa - It feels like you are soaring above the Seine with this photo... What an amazing view! Glad you made that climb to capture this shot!


  2. What a fabulous panorama of Paris and a hat trick + 1 of bridges, Alexa!

  3. Hello, Alexa,
    Always your photo is very gorgeous!
    I feel as if I were a bird!
    I'll forget my acrophobia for a while.
    Thank you for your wonderful picture.

  4. The view of Paris you were able to capture is awesome. Sadly the towers were closed the times I was at Notre Dame, so I did not get to experience this magnificent view Your capture is awesome. Great shooting. The bridges and the water remind one of London.

  5. Fabulous, Alexa!
    «Louis» never went up into the towers of Nôtre Dame - your photo makes him kick himself for not having done it!