Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend Reflections

Mimi Vang Olsen started out painting people, but
switched to animals when she realized how much
New Yorkers love their pets. I read that a 30" by 40"
oil painting of a dog or cat starts at $2,500. Business
must be good because this storefront studio has been
here for a long time—and she's able to close up the
shop from June to September.

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  1. Very cool window and reflections. I like you perspective.

  2. I have a cat called Luna,she is Brasilian and she also moved to Europe with us.She is party of our family!And...for sure I would like to visit this place.This artist is very talented and smart!
    Great picture!
    Happy weekend
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  3. I admire anyone who can paint anything!

    I like the reflections you caught in the window of this delightful studio. It looks like it was a pretty day!

  4. Thanks for the background on the artist and her store. It looks like a great little shop. Love the reflections in the window.

    I'm like you - I hardly ever leave home without my camera!

  5. $2,500? Maybe I'm crazy but I'm happy with just having pictures of my cats. :) Cool reflections!

  6. Thanks, all!
    (James -- I'm with you, but good for Mimi anyway!)

  7. Cool reflections and shop. The artist must be very good.

  8. tres jolie photo ;O)