Wednesday, August 7, 2013

52 Photos Project

The prompt for Week 16: childhood games

This game is from my mom's
childhood—and she's 93!  Her set of
jacks was one of the things that just had
to be saved when her house was
done in by Hurricane Sandy last year.

She made the bag herself—about 85 years
ago(!) from a Domino's sack (apparently
their sugar came in a cloth sack back then).

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  1. That is so touching and I love how much this game was cherished .It must have been horrible for your mother to experience the hurricane!

  2. i have no idea how this game is played.
    Great photos and story!

  3. what a special memory to keep

  4. This is a great image....loved playing jax as a kid.

  5. oh, my! the jackstone game! what a trip to memory lane. i used to play this game with little girls and boys and we spent hours without getting tired playing it.

    amazing how your mother kept this, it sure is difficult to loose things of sentimental value.
    it is my first time to join the project, and i am having fun. my take can be found here --- >

  6. Great memories! And that first photo is fabulous!

  7. I used to love jacks and haven't thought about them in years! Your photo is beautiful.

  8. I was a great jacks player...thanks for bringing back some great memories. Love the detail of this image and the wonderful story that connects us to it.

  9. Great macro shot! How cool that you have that precious treasure!

  10. Wow - great picture and a great story, too!