Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Reflections

City lights are reflected all over this ridiculous—
but fun—stretch limo that was parked outside my
office when I left the other night.  The driver was kindly
snapping pics of some kids who were admiring his
over-the-top vehicle.  It wasn't there for me, but
that's okay because I prefer to walk.  :~}

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  1. The color of the limo is quite stunning : that green is so strange, with the city light reflecting on it... I'm just like you, by the way : I'd rather walk... And the opportunity to take picture while walking are far more interesting than when your stocked in (such a) big car !

  2. Never seen a limo that colour before. Love the way the light is reflected on it. Lucky you had your camera with you.

  3. Great photo of a really silly, over-the-top car. I enjoy walking also.

  4. I had to laugh when I saw the color of this limo. When we spot a yellow car/vehicle we shout, "nanner" for banana. I do not want to tell you what is shouted when a vehicle of this color is spotted!

    Bien vu!