Wednesday, January 4, 2012

52 Photos Project

The prompt this week: a new beginning—
capture one moment in time from this day.
I've been out in the (mostly Internetless) country for the
past 4 days and didn't see the prompt until I got home
just after midnight tonight. I was in airports and
on planes most of the day, but on the way to the
airport I stopped at a very cool shop and my eye
went directly to this chest. I just think it's beautiful, and
I'd love to be able to create something like this myself.

[To see more of the 52 Photos Project, visit Bella's meme.]


  1. It is a lovely chest and am sure you could create something like that ~ I got a rotten head cold on plane going to NC ~ healing now ~ wish airlines would get more efficient ~ Happy New Year ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) and linked with 52 Photos

  2. I feel this way every time I go to an art museum. Am always seeing something and saying to myself that I would love to replicate that. This chest is beautiful...vintage...I would love having it in my home. You recaptures of it with the lighting is lovely. The hands and purse on the fabric atop make for such an interesting contrast. genie

  3. It's a truly lovely chest! Love how you've photographed it.