Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ponte Rotto

Last week I told someone here that I had not taken any 
photos of this bridge on my recent trip to Rome, but then saw 
that I had. It's the Ponte Rotto, or "broken bridge," aka 
Pons Aemilius, the oldest stone bridge in Rome—
built in the 2nd century BC!  Only one arch is left, and the 
new bridge directly behind it is the Ponte Palatino. 
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  1. WOW! «Louis» thinks this must be the oldest bridge ever posted on Sunday Bridges. «Louis» thanks you, Alexa, for this historical bridge post.

  2. It's a beautiful bridge!
    have a great week ahead:)

  3. Awesome to think of its age - and a very attractive remnant of bridge. Glad you DID get a photo.