Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Williamsburg Bridge

Not a sexy as the Brooklyn Bridge, or even the
Manhattan Bridge, this one still pulls its weight
—as you can see from this shot taken at rush hour.
When it was built (1896–1903), it was the longest
suspension bridge in the world (and it held that
record for 21 years, until the Bear Mtn. Bridge was
completed in 1924).

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  1. it looks quite busy. i like the perspective.

  2. I had no idea it was that old. Hopefully it has been updated over the years to accommodate the amount of traffic in contemporary Manhattan.

  3. Perhaps not as sexy as the others you mention, still you captured this one at a sexy moment! Love the pink sky behind it and the angle of your shot.

  4. Love the color of the sky in the background, makes the shot frame-worthy. :)

  5. Very nice, Alexa! «Louis» had no idea the Williamsburg Bridge was that old.

    «Louis» appreciates your contributions to Sunday Bridges.

  6. You made the bridge even prettier by shooting it against the pink sky :D

  7. I like bridges with these tall structures.