Saturday, February 6, 2010

weekend reflections

Here's Tom's, a Brooklyn institution since
the 1930s, where you can get the best
breakfast ever. There's usually a line out
the door, but they bring you hot coffee,
fresh fruit, and cookies while you wait.
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  1. Wow, cookies for beakfast? My hubby would love that place. Cool reflection photo.

  2. Have you written about this place before Alexa? I seem to remember hearing about a breakfast shop that would bring you cookies & coffee while you wait in line.
    Sounds like my type of place too.

  3. I love the look of this place! Great reflections, and any place that brings you coffee (and cookies!) while you wait is aces in my book. Kathy

  4. I have, Lily, here. (And I no doubt will again—I love this place.)

  5. I love places like that
    Brooklyn is famous for them
    I used to live in Brooklyn, there was a bakery that always served coffee and cookies to those on line
    at holiday times the lines were so long that we usually ended up on the news :)

  6. They bring you coffee while you queue?! That's brilliant. Do you think they want to open in London!

  7. I could love a place like Tom's.

  8. Great reflection. I love breakfast places like this. Except for the line out the door.