Saturday, December 12, 2009

weekend reflections

Here we are at "the world's largest store."
Normally, I avoid it like the plague at
this time of year—made an exception,
though, to take some pix of their
holiday decorations.
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  1. A great holiday shot ~ love all the red bulbs.

    Weekend Reflections ~ A Watery Theme

  2. Great photo. Crowds of red balls are way better than fighting the mob of people.

  3. Red is the perfect colour for a bauble at Christmas. You have captured the reflections in them so well. I did not realise that Macy's was the world's largest department store. I will remember to give it a wide berth should I ever make it to NYC. It is on my list.

  4. Macy's does have cool decorations, but I agree it can be a challenge to visit this time of year. Wonderful composition!

  5. Neat shot! I really dislike department stores too. Nice of you to "take one for the team"! Kathy